Argumentative Essay On Race

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Slide 1 Race is a tough thing to grasp the concept of. Race is described “ as a social construct or a social phenomenon that was invented by human beings and is shaped by social forces present in the time and place of creation” (P.244) Many struggle to precisely define what race is and if it has always been part of the human experience or if people created it. Ann Morning describes experiences she had with different professors who all questioned her race and came to different conclusions about it. Some said it was a biological feature and others said it was a physical feature and had nothing to do with genetics. (Morning, 2014, P.244) Slide 2 Race is often looked at as the different skin colors or “flavors”. Race is a real thing and…show more content…
Blue, Red, and Yellow. They then ask you to separate them into groups. Some might put the red and blue together others might put the yellow and red together. There is no answer here but if the person begins putting the yellow and blue together every time you try then you will soon realize that yellow and blue should fit together. (P.245) This is the same with race. (Morning, 2014, P.245) Slide 8 We put people into groups based on characteristics we were taught to look for in a person. The race we think someone belongs to is the one they identify with. The observers and the observed share the same mental rules of who belongs in what group. Just like with the colored blocks. We vary with our biological traits and are very good at spotting physical differences between different people. (Morning, 2014, P.245) Slide 9 The rules of race were socially created and are widespread rules for grouping people. At a point Indians and Koreans were considered different, now they are put into the same racial group. We see differences between all people in siblings but we do not take these differences into consideration when putting people into a certain race. (P.
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