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Over the years there has been a big controversy over whether video games are relatively good or extremely bad for children. Video games are super beneficial to a kids learning process and have been proven to increase social skills, productivity, and stress. The fear that video games are harmful to a child, is proven through countless experiments that they are actually great for their growth and brain capacity. Speaking through experience, video games can increase the social skills in a child, I’ve met almost half of my friends on the online co-op ability on Xbox and Playstation! After meeting those people online, the experience taught me how to work with others and how to speak to new people. Through two different studies, one by Katherine Keyes and the other by Vinay Devnath, both have proved that the use of video games can increase the social skills that many…show more content…
Christopher J. Ferguson.). Also another study used a survey of 1,614 game players to examine the use of computer games as a tool for stress recovery. The results showed that games are indeed used as a coping tool after exposure to stressful situations and strain, and that this “recovery experience” is a significant facet of the gaming experience. (Elizabeth Scott) In addition to this study, the participants with work-related fatigue and exposure to daily hassles were both positively associated with the use of games for recovery. Participants with emotion-focused coping style showed a higher tendency to use games for recovery than participants with problem-focused coping style. (Elizabeth

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