Positive And Negative Impact Of The First World System

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Clearly we can see that the first world system and the second world system are very different, yet hold some similarities. In the second world system saw the entrance of the Portuguese into the trade system. That didn’t happen in the first world system. The Chinese relocated back to their capital yellow river, yet the Silk Road which was once established by them was not re-established. In the first world system one negative impact would the bubonic plague, which devastated the civilization killing many people and animals causing the economy suffered greatly, the Silk Road was closed, resulting the end of the Mongol dynasty. Also Trading between the two hemispheres had resulted in the transfer of diseases (measles, small pox, typhus, typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, chickenpox and influenza) and the people did not know how to protect/defend themselves against it.…show more content…
the inter-adaptation of new religion and practices, converting from one faith to the next (those who did so willingly) technologies and ideas, poetry, language, medicine, astronomy, music, art, literature and cultural practices into the Americas from Europe and Africa can be viewed as a positive impact from the first world system. Negative impacts of the second world system would be major decrease of the population due to the plague which erupted the first world system; also causing the death of livestock, famines, economic depression, shrinking of markets and declining economic opportunities for producers and

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