Personal Narrative: My Trip To Honduras

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We were escorted into a small room by two police officers. When my mom, Brittany and myself got into the small room we were surrounded by more police and security. We played 20 questions with them about what all happened, what the guys looked like that we were with, and what we did. It happened during vacation this past January. My family, my sisters friend Brittany and myself went on a cruise to Honduras, Isla Roatan; Belize; and Cozumel, Mexico. The first two days on the ship were sea days, we just explored the ship to see what all there was to do. I also made some new friends in the club for teenagers. The third day of the cruise was our first stop at Honduras, Isla Roatan. My mom came over to our room and woke up Brittany, my sister Kate and myself so we could all go up to the Lido deck and have breakfast together. After we finished eating we went outside to see the island and how it felt outside so we could dress appropriate to the weather. My family was complaining about how hot it was and said that they didn't want to get off the boat until later on. Since Brittany, Kate and myself threw a little fit about that, my parents allowed us to get off the boat by ourselves as long as we checked in a couple times.…show more content…
We each bought a few things and then headed over to the beach. While Kate tanned, Brittany and I went and played volleyball with a group of guys from the cruise. After my team won, we jumped off the pier and got our pictures taken of us standing in the water. Once Kate got done tanning, her and Brittany decided that they wanted “sex on the beach.” It’s an alcoholic beverage. They offered me some but I kept telling them no that I didn't want any of it. After they finished it, even though they were each a little tipsy, we decided that we had already been on the island so we should go check in with my family and drop off our

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