New Technology During World War I

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Name: Title: Institution: Introduction The end of the civil war and the beginning of World War I lead to the advancement in new technology and its effects were very much felt across the world. The impacts of new innovations were both negative and positive. These new developments helped the army commandants to make incredible strategies that ensured their troops were safe and the enemy destroyed. Thesis The end of American civil war and the beginning of World War I ushered in new technology and invention of new weapons which brought change in warfare tactics. There were numerous effects brought about by the new technology that consequently lead to adverse destruction, industrial revolution and modern machines. The Body One of the saddest realities…show more content…
Weapons mounted on boats had the capacity strike enemies or targets up to twenty five miles inland. The stealth and rate of German submarines gave Germany a significant focal point in its predominance of the North Sea. The new technology was accompanied with new lethal chemicals which were used by the armies to destroy their targets and as a result, many soldiers died and the side effects were worse than one could imagine (Kleber, Haber and Moore 1988). Another effect of new technology in this period was improvement in communication systems. During the Civil War soldiers used signal flags to communicate. After the Civil War they developed more codes that were transmitted by messenger. During the period, telegraphs, telephone lines and other surveillance systems were developed and thus the solders and war tactics advanced (Boot 2006). Conclusion The end of American civil marked fast headway and these striking technological advancements brought about more deaths, and changed the world into current states. The innovation changed both industrial and local life of many nations. Innovation turned into a weapon, favorable element and the aspect of war during this
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