Body Snatchers In The Desert Roswell Essay

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In 1947, outside Roswell, New Mexico, a once sleepy little town with a population of only twenty-two thousand, something falls from the sky. Witnesses report finding the debris of some kind of craft on a small ranch. Then the military arrives and nobody is quite sure of what happened after that. Was it aliens? Why did the government cover up the affair so quickly and why do they continue to keep it a secret even today? There are many theories about what really happened in Roswell, but according to many reports, journals and skeptics of the world, it is highly unlikely that aliens crash landed on earth that day. One of the many theories about the truth behind the Roswell incident is presented in the book Body Snatchers in the Desert by Nicholas Redfern. Through new information from military members, witness reports, and a large amount of good evidence, Redfern talks about a new and disturbing theory on the Roswell incident: that the crash-site discovery of a military aircraft would expose a secret—a confidential, U.S. government-plan to conduct medical experiments on deformed, handicapped, and diseased Japanese prisoners of war. A quote from the conclusion in the book written by the author himself states, “In May 1947, an…show more content…
Army Air Forces project. The project’s code name was Mogul. The investigation discovered that an experimental balloon project was being carried out at a nearby army airfield during the summer of 1947. An article from a skeptic journal well known by paranormal mystery lovers, focuses on a search for records by the Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. The search concluded that Project Mogul was the real reason for the balloon experiments and the true explanation for the “Roswell incident.” (“Case Closed or

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