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Haleakala is a beautiful volcano located in Hawaii. Haleakala's crater was formed by weather eroding away the mountain. This joined two valleys. The park has a vast amount of animals and vegetation you can only see at Haleakala National Park. Haleakala's crater is 2,720 feet deep with an area of 19 square miles is one of the largest in the world. The volcano is 10,023 feet high and has been dormant since the mid-1700s. Its interior rim is 7 and a half miles long and 2 and a half miles wide is commonly called a crater. “Geologists refer to it as an erosional depression because it was created not by an eruption but by two valleys merging together.” (Into the 1) Around one million people visit the park each year, many of whom try to climb the…show more content…
It was considered a very special place. Ancient Hawaiians came to the summit to hunt as well. They hunted birds for their feathers before they had Religious ceremonies. Some of the foot trails and paths still remain as well as the remains of stone shelters, temple platforms and cairns. Hawaiians today use the same sites just like their ancestors did. Few policy makers seemed to care what native “Hawaiians thought about turning their sacred summit into a tourist a tourist attraction.” (Into the 3) Endangered birds thrive here including colonies of Hawaiian petrels or "uau" which let out a strange barking cry and Hawaiian geese called "nene". In the past 10 years axis deer native to India have been introduced to Maui most likely by hunters. The deer have started to jump fences built around the park in the 1970s. (Into the 2) In 1916 congress created the Hawaiian national park. This included Mauna Lo, Kilauea and Haleakala. Protecting the craters' heritage didn't start until the Hawaiian Renaissance of the 1970s.(into the 4) Now a volunteer group maintains rare plants and is for the breeding of geese. Rare silvers word plants and many native and migratory birds are found at

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