Planned Parenthood Case Study

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Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that provides reproductive health as well as maternal and child health services. Even though, it is a non-profit organization, it receives funding from the government. In recent news, Planned Parenthood was threaten of being defunded. It helps women with preventative healthcare, access to birth control, and assist with unwanted pregnancies. Planned Parenthood provided services 5 million women, child and adolescents information on topics ranging from sexual health to pregnancy prevention. Also, they offer services preventing about 216,000 abortions and 515,000 pregnancies from happening (Hartman, 2015). Due to their services, teenage pregnancies and abortions are at their lowest in years.…show more content…
No one thinks of the ones who is going to be affected which is the people that live in poverty. What does defunding Planned Parenthood has anything to do with the social welfare policy? This will cause more unwanted pregnancies, more teenage mothers on welfare, and more children in foster care due unwanted pregnancies. The welfare system burden with more individuals. With the overextended welfare system, the ones that will suffer will be the poor. Cancer, STD, and contraception testing will be less available to poor which will affect social welfare programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, TANF and etc. Social welfare policies allocate financial, social, and health resources which Planned Parenthood helps in those areas. Seventy-five percent recipients of Planned Parenthood believe lawmakers are out of touch with reality. They do not look at overall consequences on what could happen. They are looking to cut cost but not areas that could be cut. They are cutting cost in areas that not only with effect society but the ones that are most vulnerable. If they defund Planned Parenthood, they will have more on their hands than they bargain for. Either the lawmakers don’t care or they don’t understand how it is to be poor. I believe it is

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