Planned Parenthood Argumentative Analysis

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“In 2008, the abortion rate for non-Hispanic White women was 12 abortions per 1000 reproductive-age women, compared with 29 per 1000 for Hispanic women, and 40 per 1000 for non-Hispanic Black women” (Dehlendorf, Harris, & Weitz, 2013). These statistics show that the rate of abortion may be affected by racial probability. Planned Parenthood offers many services to women and they are a large supporter of abortion; however, there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding this issue. Recently there have been reports of questionable practices by abortion providers which are centered around the inhumane treatment of the fetus. Abortion has become one of the most controversial medical procedures that is a common practice in the United States. What is abortion? According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (2015), “abortion is when a pregnancy is ended so that it doesn't result in the birth of a child.” An abortion is a termination of…show more content…
This technique is now used by other late-term abortionists in the U.S. This more recent procedure has become a replacement for the “live partial birth abortion method” because of the “Partial Birth Abortion Ban act” that “was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in April, 2007” (“Late-Term Abortion,” 2015, para. 1). “Misoprostol, Oxytocin, Laminaria, and Digoxin,” each of these products are used in the induction abortion, this may also be referred to as the MOLD Technique because of “the four products employed in the abortion process” (“Late-Term Abortion,” 2015, para. 2). The induction abortion technique is being used “in pregnancies as late as 35 weeks” (“Late-Term Abortion,” 2015, para. 3). A full term pregnancy is 40 weeks but premature babies can be born, in extreme cases, at only 23 weeks (“Why Is 40 Weeks so Important?” 2009). With late-term abortion procedures like this, babies are being terminated just weeks before they are

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