Planned Parenthood Argumentative Analysis

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The republican party is once again trying to demolish Planned Parenthood and the choices women have towards their body. Since the 1980s’ to our society today, there has been a powerful attack on women’s reproductive right. This correlates with the backlash of feminism started by Ronald Reagan as he opposed the social movements. In the New York times article “Planned Parenthood Leader Pushes Back Against G.O.P Critics” written by Michael D. Shear, he emphasizes the discussion on the accusations placed on the president of Planned Parenthood, assuming that her “organization profits from the sale of fetal issue” (NYT,A12). Supposedly, anti-abortion activists released a video showing health officials trying to sell fetal issue and now planned parenthood…show more content…
Richards) stated that “the videos has been edited by the activists to mislead” (NYT, A12). Planned Parenthood is one of the most affordable health care organizations and is used to improve sexual health of individuals. However, a Republican Representative, Jim Jordan, believes that federal funding should be removed from Planned Parenthood, “take the money from the guys doing bad things” (NYT A12). He wants funding to go to “the ones who aren’t” (NYT A12), such as other health care researches. Jim Jordan is arguing that because Planned Parenthood openly supports women’s reproductive rights, that they are in the wrong. In chapter two of our textbook, Women’s Lives Multicultural Perspective, the issue of “the personal is political” is addressed. “Personal is Political” explains how many of the individual problems women experience are not their fault, but are the result of systematic oppression. Ms. Richards concern is how republicans are all “about banning a woman’s right to choose” (NYT A12). The theme of this article corresponds the concepts covered in class because of the current attack on reproductive rights. The fact that there is a discussion on the rights females have with their bodies is

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