Piggy's Asthma In Lord Of The Flies

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Among the school boys, Piggy does not stand out in any ways. Neither is he charismatic nor is he athletic. Therefore, the only outstanding trait in him is the asthma that provides him with special treatments, such as being excused from physical activities. However, his asthma is a lacking condition foreshadows his failure and perhaps death as survival of the fittest takes over. More and more signs of life appear. The school boys, however, have either tore off their shirts or are half-naked. While uniform symbolizes discipline, it being tore off is a sign of rebellion and diminishing restraint. Rules and chastisement are no longer esteemed, but taken over by savagery and vicious human natures. The conch symbolizes power and order to the school…show more content…
He is weak and incompetent among others, which resembles Piggy. Thus, Piggy shows amiability to the little boy as he sees himself in the boy. This incident once again proves the short-lived democracy and foreshadows a collapse of their microcosm as they are prejudiced to their own kind. As the idea of igniting a fire is borne, everyone rushes up the mountain. Ralph, after a momentary doubt, also joins the crowd, which shows the conception of de-individuation. Even as the leader, he does not venture to go against the crowd. The act of leaving behind the conch connotes to the truncated value of civilization. Meanwhile, Piggy is an example of compliance- although he takes the conch to high values and respects it, he ultimately follows the crowd under pressure. If this gang of school boys alludes to different parts of personality, Jack would be the “id”. He acts on his instinct. For example, he snatches the glasses out of Piggy, which are necessities to him. Meanwhile, the others do not call for more civilized ways, but aid Jack in his depraved act, which shows the surfacing of “id” and savagery in men as survival becomes the foremost need. Note that Jack is leading the crowd although Ralph is the voted chief. The school boys are slowly diminishing their urbane and democratic
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