Who Is Piggy In Lord Of The Flies

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“He whispered. ‘They used to call me ‘Piggy.’’” (Golding 11). In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of boys are abandoned in an unknown island during the war-time. Soon, the boys soon establish their own civilization, and Piggy turned out to be the odd one. Piggy was driven to suffer through lots of physical disadvantages. He is a twelve-year-old boy. As his nickname resembles, he is fat and short. He has asthma, allowing him to be the odd one. Due to his health conditions, he is not active and always falls behind. Additionally, he has bad eyesight so he wears glasses. However, in spite of his flaws, his glasses become the only advantage that he gets hold of. The glasses work out as the only way to make a fire- the hope of being rescued. His physical characteristics are the primary factor of the disunion between him and the other boys.…show more content…
Piggy is smart and scientific. In the beginning, he brought up the idea of using a conch shell to gather up the scattered boys. He was the discoverer of the potential and the power of the conch shell. Also, he was the only person who strove to get the names of each boy. Piggy owns the adult-like aspects toward their society. Anyhow in the rest of the boys’ perspective, Piggy’s advice and thoughts aren’t so considerable and officious. Therefore, he is vulnerable and tend to lose his temper easily. Piggy’s intelligence becomes a laughingstock, along with his physical
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