Lord Of The Flies Freud's Theory

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In William Golding's book Lord of the Flies all the characters hold clear signs of being driven by Id, SuperEgo, and Ego. The three best examples of Freud's personality theory are Jack, who is driven by Id, Piggy, who is driven by SuperEgo, and Ralph, who is driven by Ego. The concept of Id is the primal desires of a person, this may cover the essentials of human life, the need for water, food, and shelter. But if not properly balanced with SuperEgo, Ego and Id this want reaches new heights, causing for the person to become impulsive.The best way to describe being Id driven is that the person focuses on what they want, and will do anything to get it. If not balanced properly the person becomes rash, making decisions without considering their consequences on themselves and others. The character…show more content…
Constantly when I watch movies I look for the character I can relate to the most, searching for something I have experienced. But after watching for Lord of the Flies from a psychoanalytic approach, I realized that the character I could relate to the most was jack, which is a fairly scary realization. Realizing how Jack was driven by what he wanted and what he thoguht should be done, saw myself sympathizing with his action. Now I don’t agree with everything he did because I'm not that selfish. I just think I know what's best for myself and often times do some contradictory things to obtain them. I realized I am Id driven. My wants for approval, for the perfect weight. But the way I see it the most is how I am a people pleaser, I strive to make people like me, when I make other people happy, I become happy. Which isn't that great because that means I can't make myself happy. Now at the same time I'm not striving to become Ralph either because although I have some leadership qualities, I do not feel comfortable taking charge of others. I just want to be a more balanced

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