Human Beings In Roger Fouts's Next Of Kin

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“It was Washoe who taught me that “human” is only an adjective that describes “being”, and that the essence of who I am is not my humanness but my beingness.There are human beings, chimpanzee beings and cat beings.” - Roger Fouts People and the government should realize that animals are not property or expendable that they should have the right to medical treatment and have solid laws that not only protect them but that are also enforced. In all honest truth people have seen animal as property. They are expendable wheres to a person they are not. They can tested on, abused, neglected and inhumanely treated with no fair justice and or laws that would have protected them in the slightest. As in an example if your pet were to be killed and you…show more content…
Williams Lemmon. He explains that if he were to take Washoe and the other chimpanzees he would be thrown to jail for the theft of Dr. William Lemmon’s property. Roger Fouts also states a bit further in the novel that chimpanzees are subject to cruel testing. These beings are isolated in cages too small. They are traumatized because just like us they are social beings. They are so interconnected with one another that by separating them, these people are ruining how they are. A sad event that Mr. Fouts talks about is the story of chimpanzee named Barbie. Mr. Fouts visited a research facility to bring them in the eye of the public of the horrible conditions that these chimpanzees were living under. During the tour he sees chimpanzees banging their heads on these cages, some are mutilating themselves while others seem dead. But Roger Fouts sees Barbie and he notices that she is still social and full of life. He plays with her but as he leaves she seems to be rather really upset. And so when he visits again Barbie is gone. She has lost the life and has become like the rest of the chimpanzees. Lifeless and…show more content…
There are no penalties even then they fade in with the cost of doing business. With these laws they do not prohibit any experimentation on animals no matter how painful they are to the animals. But not only that there are tons of animals that are not registered in these facilities so even then there is nothing to be done because they do not exist in the system. What is most tragic is that they are deprived of food and water. In these tests, animals may get their skin burned off, decapitated just to see the effect of having a missing head, have their spinal cords crushed, holes drilled into their heads as they lay bound and conscious. With what little laws that are there to protect these beings, they are not enforced and often times are just a slap of the wrist. Their needs are not met because of the little laws that there are. A few years back there are an article of a chimpanzee. This chimpanzee had been in this cage all it’s life, it was injected over a hundred times. It was the oldest living experimental subject at the time. This article had a photo attached and in that photo you could see that this chimpanzee was basically dead. It was alive but there was no life in its eyes. Just big brown eyes staring into the camera, as if it had given up on life. This chimpanzee was covered in scars and thinning hair. The article was honouring the death of this chimpanzee. For the cruelty that it endured and that

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