Particle Physics In The Early 1950's, By Dr. Yukawa

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In the early 1900 s, the use of innovative technologies was expanding rapidly. The everyday man was being bombarded by new and fascinating technologies. Some of these creations led mankind into the sky, while others resulted in appliances that made household life easier for all. Many other technologies were even being implemented for the sciences. The most terrifying of these new technologies was the development of the nuclear bomb. This weapon led to the rise of nuclear fear, which put a hindrance on the development of new technologies toward the study of the small aspects of atoms. During this time, Dr. Hideki Yukawa was creating his theories about quantum mechanics and particle physics. Dr. Yukawa's research had a direct correlation to the research being done to advance the power of nuclear weapons that terrified the populace during this time period. Dr. Yukawa had a different approach when it came to the machines he used every day. He said, "It may be a kitchen utensil or a mechanism so powerful a door six feet thick is needed for protection but all machines are alike."(6) In this, he is saying that even though machines are all different they all have some function,…show more content…
Yukawa was active in multiple subjects. In 1949, Dr. Yukawa was invited to Princeton University where he met Albert Einstein. During this meeting, they were able to discuss their higher levels of physics with each other and get educated feedback. *DUPE* During the 1950's, Dr. Yukawa was active in multiple subjects. He studied the particles inside of protons using the cosmotron. The cosmotron would take the protons of atoms and spin them in a circle at an energy as high as 3.3GeV then smash them together. When the protons smashed together, the particles that made up the protons would be observable for a short amount of time. Using this device, Dr. Yukawa and a team of scientists were able to observe, through photographs, numerous mesons being ejected from the

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