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“‘Listen, Winnie, it’s something you don’t find out how you feel until afterwards,’” (Pg. 50). The main dilemma in Tuck Everlasting is keeping the magical water of immortality a secret. The Tucks tried to keep the water a secret because, although it may not seem like it, immortality is a curse, not a blessing. If you want people to maintain their happy lives and not suffer the curse of immortality, then you should, like the Tucks, keep the water a secret because there is no point of life if you are immortal, it’s unnatural not to die, and the world would become overpopulated and miserable. To begin with, immortality may seem great at first, but actually, immortality makes life pointless. Think about it: you’ll just keep on loafing around, not getting anything done because, “I have so much time to do it. I’m immortal, after all. I’ll just wait another day to do this.” You will end up waiting day after day after day, just wasting your time. Life is pointless if you are going to live like this! “‘Living’s heavy work, but off to one side, the way we are, it’s useless, too.’” (Pg.…show more content…
“‘It’d be nice,’ [Winnie] said, ‘if nothing ever had to die.’ ‘Well, now, I don’t know,’ said Miles. ‘If you think on it, you come to see there’d be so many creatures, including people, we’d all be squeezed in right up next to each other before long.’” (Pg. 65) “If all the mosquitoes lived forever - and if they kept on having babies! - it would be terrible. The Tucks were right. It was best if no one knew about the spring, including the mosquitoes.” (Pg. 66) Doesn’t everyone like to be comfortable? Of course! If too many immortal people exist in this world, it will be impossible to be comfortable. There will be people everywhere, never giving you some space. The Earth would be a terrible place to live

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