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Journal Entry No.4 For this journal entry I have been asked to describe the philosophical claims of 2 nursing models and the 4 metaparadigm concepts of each. I have chosen the Roper Logan Tierney model and the Orem Self – Care model. According to the Roper Logan Tierney model of nursing health is synonymous with Activities of daily Living (AL’S), inability to interact with an AL is a direct reflection of one’s health. Ill health can hinder these interactions. A decline in health is also a decline in one’s ability to carry out an AL. The Roper Logan Tierney model identifies the environment as an influencing factor on AL’s. Environmental factors include the home, the natural and the built environment. Each of which have their own relationship…show more content…
Whilst also maintaining acute awareness of the factors which influence AL’s. In relation to the models philosophy on the person it is very physical wellness based. The 12 AL’s are physical tasks where a person’s wellness is defined by their ability to complete these tasks. Recovery is concerned with regaining ability to interact with physical tasks, the philosophy lacks acknowledgement of psychological and emotional recovery and wellness. Orem’s theory of nursing contains the nursing system’s theory. The 3 systems of care are; wholly compensatory, partially compensatory and supportive – educative self-care ( ) . The nurse acts as a self-care agent or nursing agency, this is required when one cannot perform independent self-care. Orem deems physical, chemical, social and biological features to be the components of an environment. The environment ‘’can positively or negatively impact a personality to provide self-care’’ (

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