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Watson takes pride in this part of the theory as she considers her work a blue print for nursing’s ever evolving professional world, rather than an unchanging theory. The second major element of Watson’s theory is Transpersonal Healing Relationships. Watson (2000) states “transpersonal conveys a concern for the inner life world and subjective meaning of another who it fully embodies” (p. 3). Watson describes transpersonal caring as the process of connecting with the other person’s spirit through the method of care, while in the moment. Based upon the nurses own life, past and present experiences, they can learn how to build transpersonal caring by thinking about the feelings of others. This is a very important concept, as transpersonal caring…show more content…
Watson describes this theory as a incorporating both art and science. Watson (2007) states “it offers a framework that embraces and intersects with art, science, humanities, spirituality, and new dimensions of mind-body-spirit medicine and nursing evolving openly as central to human phenomena of nursing practice” (p. 134). Another important factor of the Human Caring Theory is that, it is possible to read and study the material but in order to truly understand the theory, personal experience is necessary (Watson, 2000). Through this model, the nurse is able to develop and interact with the philosophy, as it will positively affect their personal and professional…show more content…
In an appropriate environment, the nurse and patient can form a relationship that allows both of them to connect on a deeper level. Watson views the person as a “unity of mind-body-spirit/nature” (Watson, 2008, p. 32). The person is being cared for, and respected including their mind, body and spirit. The person also is directly influenced by the external environment. Watson describes the healing area where the nurse is not only in the environment, but the nurse is the environment (Watson, 2008, p. 26). The environment is vital for a person’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing and well-being. Watson has a very holistic view on health. She describes the perception of health to be different among people. Thus, as nurses, we must consider health from the patient’s perspective. Finally, Watson’s view on nursing is to help people achieve a higher level of harmony within the mind, body, and spirit. Watson states “caring is a professional, ethical covenant that nursing has with the public to sustain human caring in instances where it may be threatened; it necessarily involves something deeper and more substantial than a ‘customer model’ orientation” (Watson, 2009, p. 470). Through the 10 Carative Factors, Watson addresses each aspect of person, environment, health, and nursing. Nursing is caring and providing

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