Pharmacy Technician Research Paper

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Pharmacy technicians mainly work in pharmacies under pharmacists and handle medications. In becoming a pharmacy technician, it’s important to consider daily procedures, hours, salary, environment, required amount of prior experience and education, as well as job outlook and availability. Pharmacy technicians act as assistants to pharmacists, working under them to help organize and dispense medications for customers, such as patients and health care professionals. On a daily basis, pharmacy technicians record information needed to fill prescriptions, measure doses of prescriptions, package and label prescriptions, organize inventory and alert pharmacists of any shortages, enter customer information into the pharmacy’s system, accept prescription payments, process insurance claims, answer phone calls, and arrange for customers to speak with pharmacists if customers have questions about medications. In many states, pharmacy technicians are permitted to mix some medications on their own and call physicians for prescription refill authorizations. Pharmacy technicians working in hospitals may do rounds and give medications directly to patients.…show more content…
In Pennsylvania, 90% of entry-level pharmacy technicians make at least $18,260.00 dollars a year at the rate of $9.00 dollars an hour. Since many pharmacies are open 24 hours, some pharmacy technicians may have to work nights, weekends, or both. However, many pharmacy technicians are able to work part time. Pharmacy technicians opt to work part time more often than pharmacists, and usually gain more control of the hours they work the longer they are in the pharmaceutical workforce. About 53% of pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, and 17% work in hospitals or clinics, which are clean, organized, well-lit, and well-ventilated

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