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There have been many great quarterbacks from Roger Staubach, Dan Marino, to old man Brett Favre but none have stood out like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. When you see these two play you would be amazed of how fast they play the game. Imagine, that in just one blink, you notice that the ball was up in the air flying like it came out of a cannon. So you turn to look down field only to see his intended target double or even triple teamed. Interception right? Wrong. The receiver made a leaping catch to snag it out of air for a 55 yard gain. You might wonder how he managed to deliver a striking pass down field without under or over throwing his man? Yeah you can say he is either really accurate or just plain lucky, but being a Quarterback isn't…show more content…
For instance, When Peyton Manning is on the field, he take everyone under his wing to make sure he get you right in practice. He would pulled them to the side to see what can he do to help them feel comfortable in his offense. In 2014, Peyton Manning was able to break many of records but the one that stands out the most is 55 touchdowns thrown in a single season, while also having the most productive offence in the National Football League (NFL). Tom Brady team on the other hand was a different story. He inexperience on the offensive line, no big-play wide receivers, and the fact that his best man Rob Gronkowski was out all of last year doesn't help either(NFL). His offense wasn't performing no where near the level he wanted, but yet he still manage to make the big decision on the field to keep his offense looking in shape. In the game against the saints team his team was just down by a few points. Tom Brady gether his troops and started to mount and crazy come back to eventually win the game. He seems like a guy that feel it is always room for improve, if you are willing to learn of course. While they both are different in perfecting their team one thing you know for a fact is when called upon, they will deliver for their

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