Sleiman The Magnificent Research Paper

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Suleiman the magnificent, Nelson Mandela, and Queen Elizabeth are have demonstrated leadership qualities such as being noble , being honorable, and adorning. They were all great leaders and did the most possible in order to please their people and leave a name for themselves to this day. First of all, Suleiman has showed many leadership qualities that have made him apart of our history such as being noble . To be specific, “the fighting was over in a matter of hours, due to brilliant tactical action by Suleiman” (Source 1; Suleiman the Magnificent). Suleiman had a lot of courage by wanting to start on new journeys immediately after his victories. Suleiman was also very honorable by the people; for example, “an aggressive military leader, he was feared but also admired by people in other lands. is people called him Kanuni, “the Lawgiver.” (Source 1;Suleiman the Magnificent). Suleiman was so admired that the Europeans called him Suleiman the Magnificent for being one of the greatest rulers in history. Not only was Suleiman noble and was honorable but he was also very inspiring and adorning. For Instance, “ A soldier's, soldier, Sleiman always rode at the head of his am to…show more content…
On the day of his release from prison, he spoke about needs for democratic elections. Nelson Mandela wasn’t just noble but, he was also loved by the colored people. For instance, “Mandela was an international symbol of the injustice of apartheid” (Source 2;Nelson Mandela Inaugurated President of South Africa). People would not stand down for him to be set free while the whites were scared of him. Nelson Mandela had a big impact on peoples lives, he was very inspirational. Nevertheless,“ I have dedicated myself to the struggle of African people”(Source

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