Comparing Lamb To The Slaughter And Landlady

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Name: Maritza Lopez Period: 5th Date: 3/16/15 Gothic Literature Final Comparative Essay The following stories were written by Roald Dahl. "Lamb to the slaughter" and the "Landlady" both show sympathy at the beginning of each story. Due to the woman who seem to be kind, both Ms. Maloney and as well as well as the landlady. The kind of literature that both stories use is Gothic. Gothic literature is the same way to say Gothic horror , it is a genre/mode of the literature that is combine with fiction. The elements that both of these stories contain within the writing of Roald Dahl are Madness and Insanity and loss and death. In the story “Lamb to the slaughter” the gothic element of Madness and Insanity is shown to us when the suspense is created, this happens when she goes for the leg of Lamb. While reading the story we have no idea that she will…show more content…
We see the example of when Mrs. Maloney kills her husband and tries to hide all her evidence by going to the store, cooking the lamb and calling the cops so that they won't think she was the murderer. And if they do think that she is, then she will know that they have no evidence to prove her guilty. Due to the fact that they eat the lamb because she insisted so since they were hungry and also because they felt guilty for the death of her husband who was also a detective along with them. Likewise, “The Landlady” story uses Loss and Death to express the form of gothic literature. For the fact that the young man, who was going to stay at her “Bed and Breakfast”, was murdered. She the Landlady, was the one who had murdered the young man, because she felt lonely and very desperate to have company. Lost and Death are shown in the story when the landlady gives her guest a cup of tea for her to do her vicious job. She knows thats her way to kill him without him making a big deal or scandal for example screaming or trying to run

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