Persuasive Speech On Heart Disease

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When I was around one year old, my great-grandmother passed away due to a heart attack. She was a very strong woman, having raised ten kids without even knowing how to read and though I never knew her, she was still a part of my family, and every one of my relatives was very sad to see her go. However, disease does not discriminate between how nice or horrible you are: how you live is what matters. My great-grandmother grew up in a village in the mountains of Lebanon, and she didn’t know the risks of eating unhealthily or smoking, and neither did any other older member of my family; now that they do know, however, they are trying to stop doing both of those things. When someone can live healthily, why wouldn’t they? Why would someone throw away their life and health for some momentary pleasure? All of us must live healthier to prevent…show more content…
When a person eats too much and absorbs too much fat, that fat begins to build up and squeeze major arteries, resulting in reduced blood supply to the heart and other major organs. It is so prominent because many westerners eat very fatty foods or just a large quantity of food. According to the North Ohio Heart, and Ohio medical group, the average American also spends $1,200 on fast food every year. That might not sound like a lot, yet when you consider the inexpensive price of the fast food, that number is massive. Most of these foods are very high in cholesterol, which leads to a buildup of fat in the body, leading to heart disease. The problem is, however, that it tastes good and many Americans choose fast food over more healthy options. While many people are aware of the dangers of smoking or drugs, not many people think about the long-term effects of eating fast food, and this is a problem. Awareness needs to be

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