Persuasive Speech On Gambling

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Hello class, today I am going to be discussing the growing issue of online gambling and casinos. In Australia online gambling comes in many different forms from many different international provider. Including Sports betting, in game betting, live dealer casino, online casino, pokies, horse racing, bingo and poker. How many of you spend time at home watching tv? Well I am going to begin with showing you all a clip, one you may be familiar with and I want you to think about how many times a night you may see an add just like this? That was a sports betting add, and on an average Monday night at the time between 7-10 channels 7 alone played over 25 commercials that had to do with sports betting or online gambling such as sports bet and lotto…show more content…
This number includes some 4% of the adult population who play the pokies once a week, Sports betting in Australia is likely to generate revenue – that is, player losses – of around $750 million. It is the fastest-growing gambling sector and is likely to produce a new wave of gambling problems among the young men to whom these products are marketed towards. Sports betting has many different sports including horse racing, afl, aflw, soccer, dog racing, car racing, boxing, basically anything that has a winner can be bet on. As a worker in a gambling facility I am consistently seeing the results of gamblers that waste away their last pennies. Although not all bingo players are massive gamblers, we consistently deal with brawls and consistently get mad as they are losing quite a lot of money. However in a face to face facility we are able to prevent gamblers from over spending and offer a service to self ban yourself, known as self exclusion, if you believe it is the help you need. We also offer counseling, these are the services that are not available to online gambling, a little popup is easily able to be removed from the screen and you are able to gamble on and

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