Yemen War Research Paper

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Yemen is split into two groups; the Sunnis and the Shias. The Sunnis are aided by Saudi Arabia who gets their weapons from the United States. Saudi Arabia is bombing the Shias and that is causing them to be upset with us because we are the ones supplying the bombs for them to do so. The war in Yemen is unjust for the U.S. to be involved in because it goes against the three criteria of killing innocent civilians, clearly defined objectives and self-defense. This war is unjust because America is giving weapons to Saudi Arabia, causing more killings of civilians. America and Saudi Arabia are making no effort to avoid war and the destruction of a society. “The U.S. isn’t “equally” responsible for the war; it certainly deserves a substantial share…show more content…
This includes defending the borders of Saudi Arabia, denying Al Qaeda safe haven, protecting Yemeni civilians, make GCC members comfortable with Iran’s nuclear plan, halt the expansion of Iranian influence, protect the interests of nearby countries and create a peaceful solution to bring the Yemeni government power back. Clearly it sounds as which this war could be just except for the fact these so called “clearly defined objectives” aren’t clearly defined to the U.S. military. The only thing that’s clear is that we are in Yemen for reasons other than those seven. “4000 people have died in five months because terrorist and others are attacking Yemen” (Yemen Government Faces Choices Between Truce and Fighting On). I find this unjust because they are killing so many people and overkilling which clearly shows they do not have defined objectives. “We take all accounts of civilian casualties seriously, and again, have been very clear about our desire to see a humanitarian pause” (The Outrageous U.S. Role in the War on Yemen). The U.S. made it very clear that every civilian casualty is to be taken seriously. They have made it their objective to pause the

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