Attention Teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That 'By Perri Klass'

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Quoting Sources Correctly Exercise 1) Summarize the main points of the article. "Attention Teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That" by Perri Klass, is an article which goes in depth about laxative and muscle building abuse in youths. This article also explains why teenagers are using these products in pursue of a 'perfect body'. Professionals go to say that no matter sexual identity or sexual orientation, teenagers are all exposed to unrealistic expectations on what their body should look like, and it can lead to them doing disastrous things to their body. 2) How many sources are quoted in the article? There are five separate sources in the article "Attention Teenagers: Nobody really looks like That". The Growing Up Today Study from the journal "Pediatrics", Dr. Rodgers of North Eastern University, Dr. Calzo of Harvard Medical School, and Sara Forman of Boston's Children's Hospital are all sources that Perri Klass chose to gather information from. 3) Identify two quotes and their sources in the article. How does the author introduce the sources? How does the introduction influence your understanding of the quote and article? "Jerel Calzo, a developmental psychologist who is an assistant professor at Harvard…show more content…
Joseph Filbbert states, "It reflects his preoccupation with problems of identity— particularly racial identity—but examines those problems both in the context of the experience of the African-American in the United States of the mid-20th century and in the more universal framework of human experience, regardless of time or place"(1). This meaning that even though this story was published over fifty years ago, the people of today can still relate today. Identity problems and even racial identity issues with oneself are still issues going on in our world right now. Baldwin does an extraordinary job of making his content timelessly

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