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Homework High school students should have a minimum amount of homework that they are to receive for daily completion. Homework is a good way to practice what has been taught in the classroom. It can also help students discover questions and/or problem that can be addressed. Having students complete homework can help tell if a course is right for that individual. By giving high school students homework they able to go home and practice/reinforce what they have learned in class. In life the only way to get better at something is by completing a task multiple times over. If a person never does math equations or writes essays they would not know if they were doing something incorrectly or if it was done well. For example, if you have a basketball…show more content…
In these studies, they show high school students that who do daily homework display better scores on standardized test than students who do not. Students who do their homework have a higher understanding of the class content than students who do not. High school students who do homework, gain a familiarity with questions and problems that are more complicated and are able to do well on assessments proving that homework is something that is needed. In addition, having students complete homework on a daily basis can help with discovering questions that need to addressed/asked. When students are having trouble with their homework they can show their teacher the work and see where they went wrong. For example if a student is getting the wrong answer from the equation, they are able to show their teacher, their work and are now able to get guidance and correct it. Students who do homework will know if they really understand the content of the course. If this were the case the student would now be able to go get a tutor or do whatever is necessary. Students who do not understand, but do not do their homework will not be aware of this, are prone to

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