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Child Support Appeals In most cases, when a couple with a child or children divorces, one of the party members will become responsible for paying child support. Not to be confused with alimony or spousal support, child support is strictly meant to aid the child in healthy growth and development after the couple has gone their separate ways. It does not matter why the couple is divorcing, who was at fault for ending the relationship, or who initiated the divorce proceedings. The fact is simple, whether the parents are together or separate, they both have a legal obligation and responsibility to see to the welfare and well being of the child or children involved. What Should Child Support Entail? It is a safe assumption, that when a couple dissolves their marriage, financial changes will take place. These financial changes can have a very negative affect on the health and well being of the child or children involved. Perhaps, one parent was the primary breadwinner for the household, with that parent's income out of the picture for lengths of time, the child can and will suffer ill effects. It is because of this that child support was created. If, for example, a court deems that the father must make child support payments to the mother in the amount of X dollars, that money is to go directly towards the care of the child or children of the couple. This, however, is not to say that the parent receiving the child support payments is…show more content…
A noble goal, to be sure, as the child or children are often the primary victims of a divorce. Determining child support is not a flippant decision. If one parent makes far more money than the other, but that parent also retains full custody of the child, the support ordered (if any) could be negligible. Alternatively, if the parent with primary custody earns far less than the other parent, this parent could receive a larger sum for child

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