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It's estimated that 153 million worldwide are orphans according to The United Nations Children's Emergency Fund. Who knew that there are that many orphans in the world. Adoptions should be encouraged in today's society. Adoption can happen everywhere, not just poor countries. Couples should be allowed to adopt in other countries, because other struggling countries need the help, it would give a child's a chance for a new life, and it would take a child out of a detrimental lifestyle. So one way adopting from an outside country is that some countries are struggling and need the help to support the places and costs to help the children. By adopting a child one can offer more than just the necessities, but one can offer love and comfort. For example, to be eligible for an adoption one must complete a home study. “A home study is an…show more content…
So, one step in starting an adoption is the home study so the agency can confirm that the house is a house where a child can thrive in. In struggling countries the needs are sometimes met and sometimes not. “ The most malnourished countries are the following; Haiti, Zambia, Central African Republic, North Korea, and Namibia” (“Kirk”). A lot of countries are like these and by allowing adoption in other countries one can give a child what he or she needs. Another way adopting from an outside country is that a child has a better chance for a new life. By adopting one gives a child new opportunities he of she never had before. For example, children can grow up famous and if they weren't given the chance they wouldn't be what they are now. “Babe Ruth was adopted and he turned out to be one of the most famous baseball players of all time”(“Progyny Inc.”). So, by adopting one can inspire a child to be whatever he or she may choose. Also, it can give

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