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Rules and regulations for table tennis • Aim OF THE GAME IS TO HIT the ball ON TO THE OPPONENTS SIDE AND WIN BY TWO POINTS. The table: • The table surface should be 2.74meters long and 1.525 meters wide and should lie horizontal and 75cm above the ground • The table needs to be rectangular in shape. • The table surface can be any material and a ball should bounce 23cm once dropped on table from a height of 30cm. Number of players • In singles 1 player at each end of the table and 2 on each end in doubles. Equipment/clothing • The bat can be any size or shape but must have a flat edge. • Bat must be made of plastic or wood and the rubber covering on each side need to be red on one side and black on the other. • A rubber grip is allowed on the racket/bat. • Players can…show more content…
A maximum of 15 and minimum of 6 players and no more than 9 players on the field at any time. • Games are usually played over 2 innings. • Players substituted may return to play during the game. Batting • Players have to wait in back area well away from the 4th post. • If out wait in back area well away from 1st post. • Only enter the batting square when told by the umpire. • Batters have one good ball bowled to them. • Batter can use 1 or 2 hands to hold the bat with. • Can run on a no ball but cannot return to the batting square once first base has been reached. • The team gets 18 good balls in an inning. Bats • Rounders’ bats can be made of aluminium, plastic or wood. Aluminium bats needs to have caps and grips fitted. Also needs to be checked before match. • Plastic bats need to have a smooth surface and free of dirt. • Wooden bats needs to be smooth and free of dirt. Spliced bats should have a tight binding. All bindings need to be firm and secure. • The maximum length of the bat is no more than 460 millimetres (18 inches). • The bats maximum diameter is 170 millimetres (6.7 inches.) • The maximum weight that the bat must be is 370 grams

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