Persuasive Essay: Freedom To Be You?

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“Freedom to be you “ One can easily relate to this phase "freedom to be you' in many different ways. Most of us as children would envy to decide what to do and when to do it. However it was our parents or guardian who came to more reasonable precaution decisions. When actually it should have been us having the full authority to choose what is best for you. As young adults, we have very limited choices and we are limited to choose freely. Do you ever feel the unnecessary focus or a push, where you assume it was your decision to do or did you ever feel pressured from your parents, society or even government? They will always give you options to choose but were those options the ones you wanted or where you forced to make choices from…show more content…
We have rights and duties that we cherish. Unlike most of the other country citizens don’t have the freedom to choose or defend their rights. In the Middle East there are dreadful loses and hopes are being crumpled. Innocent children are being slaughtered every day. Wives are being raped brutally. Sons are forced to carry guns and daughters are strained to work in brutal. It's our fault for ignoring responsibilities. Our race is not perfect, however it doesn't mean that we are weak. We should not get freedom for not being in the right country. We all are equal no matter what our background is from. We must change our self-priority and listen to what is important. Let us open our mind and understand the power we have to choose what is necessary for a better future. Let's hope to strive better with a courage to choose our freedom. Our parents want what's best for us. In some countries parent are restricted or don't have any options other than to face their terror. Parents who are in Warzone can't guide or teach their children, as they have nothing to give. Yet somehow we have everything and we still conceited by what we don't have. We must not forget our parent’s decisions are not to destroy us. For one, we are where we are because of them. They created us and for sure they won't crush us. Children's from Africa would go in thirst for hours without water or would go hungry for days. Even in India we have faced
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