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We are living in a world where anxiety invades into the lives of young Australian children. A world where innocent kids have to live in the shadows that the bullies cast over them, constantly petrified of what they are going to do the following day. This will never stop if we don’t raise awareness on this issue. You probably think that bullies are just ignorant kids and their actions are harmless, but are they? No. Bullies are undoubtedly criminals in disguise, stealing self-esteem and to the extent of ending the lives of guiltless young people. Now it is time for us Australians to be the cheerleaders for the bullied to find the courage to overcome the words that stab like knives. According to the recent research commissioned by the Government,…show more content…
On a personal and countrywide level, there are many things Australians can do to solve this problem. Something that the government should do is to expel students who are witnessed to bully others and if the death of the victim occurs, they should be prosecuted as an adult. By having these rules, this will decrease the chance of bullying and allows bullies to understand the consequences and the austere crime of bullying others. Disabling the bully’s social media account immediately after it is reported as bullying will definitely help with this issue. This will stop bullies to repeat this form of humiliation to other victims. Now that is said, what should we do? As a normal child, don’t be a bystander and please help the victim, and tell your teacher immediately about the incident. Additionally, in online, we should be encouraging our friends or family to report a hurtful message immediately after it occurs. As for the adults, if you notice your child acting unusual, talk to them about the situation and not just let them be like nothing has happened. If your child is the bully, teach them some empathy and tell them how they would feel in the situation where they are severely humiliated; they will surely feel guilty for their transgressions. We all don’t want that guilt and anxiety, we want the hope. So we must come together to stand against this issue. Be the change you want to start

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