Personal Narrative: Why I Hate My Name

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I don’t hate my name, I really don’t. At least not anymore. Growing up I thought that the worst thing in my life was when the other kids in 5th grade would tease me about my name. Young, naïve Hunter Gay couldn’t help but think that the epitome of bullying was a couple of annoying boys in her class snickering whenever she had to say her last name. Once again, that was 5th grade me. Over the past 7 years I have grown and changed to the point where I look back on those years and wonder how sheltered I had to be to think that bullying is equal to everyone saying that I had a ‘boys name’. I can never actually say that I was ‘bullied’ because of my name. That would be ignorant. I can say that I was teased, but it was never really in a malicious way. So, rather than wallowing in the fact that people make fun of my name on occasion, I’ve begun to use it as a way to determine who I want to associate myself with.…show more content…
Are they going to say that they ‘love the name Hunter for a girl’? Will they start laughing because they realize that my name on official documents would read ‘Gay, Hunter’? Or maybe they’ll look at me slightly confused, before asking, ‘Wait, are you being serious?’ Perhaps it will be all of the above. I try not to judge people based on how they react when I tell them my name, but sometimes, I realize, I kind of have

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