Personal Narrative: The Old Middle School

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Looking through a box of photographs I found in my closet; which was a huge mess by the time I finished unpacking them. After searching for a while I came across a picture with a girl that I haven’t seen in many years, along with other two faces I remember. Especially clothing caught my attention, being that around middle school the casual dark blue jeans,white shirt, and bad 2007 haircuts. Let’s just say that middle school’s around 2000’s wasn’t the great year for hairstyles. Focusing closer on the background it was a picture of the old middle school I attended when I was around the 6th or 8th grade; I’m not really sure myself it’s been a while. Anyways back to the photo, it was probably around fall, the tree in background had no leaves and the grass had a grey and dead color into it already indicating that another end of the season started. Almost like the weather is foreshadowing how my life choices; being good or bad in this time and day. The girl with that bright smile I once knew and the similar other two smiles next to me in which one only one of them I would remain to see and the other never to see anymore. A bit of sadness struck me when recognizing the heartwarming friendship everyone has with the middle school friendship type of feeling; which was a fall breeze,silly jokes, and also the sports…show more content…
Mistake after mistake but with every mistake it felt like I was stuck in maze, because every time a mistake was made it felt like going in an endless circle not going anywhere. In the end I really do miss all my friends, all of the good times i’ve had because let’s face it once you graduate middle school life’s not very nice to any of us, especially the “responsibilities” that society is pushing us into but more like forcing it; basically growing up
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