Comparison Of Gone Girl And The Cellar

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Imagine having your wife fake her death and framing you for it. Then one day she comes home excited to see you, and you have no idea what happened to her or why she did it. Towards the end of Gone Girl, Nick starts to figure out what actually happened to Amy, and Amy finally comes home and starts telling lies about what actually really happened. I finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I am currently reading The Cellar by Natasha Preston, and I am on page 193. The Cellar is about a teenage girl named Summer, who is going to a club, but her friend stops her on the way and tells her that one of her other friends is missing. Summer and the other girl went opposite ways trying to look for her. Summer was wondering around in a field and saw a man who kidnapped her. While reading Gone Girl and The Cellar, I have been connecting, clarifying,…show more content…
I can connect to this because; my friends and I can get into fights but we keep going back to being friends afterwards. Nick is staying with Amy because he needs to protect his kid from Amy. My friend and I always go back to each other after fights because we know we can’t live without one another. Nick could leave Amy, just like I could leave my friend, but sometimes its best for both of you to stay together and work through your problems. Nick’s sister Go, hates the fact that he is staying with Amy. Go doesn’t understand why he is staying. Nick told Go “I could fight for custody but I would lose. Whenever I would visit him it would be in a strange room with a supervisor every other weekend for a couple hours” (Flynn, 411). From now on Amy and Nick will be adversaries and will not get along like they used to. My connection towards Gone Girl, is that even though you might not agree with someone, you still do what’s best for the relationship to keep yourself and the other person

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