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Jena McGregor acknowledges that America doesn't cherish diversity. Americans today tend to believe that they do cherish diversity. In discussions of diversity, most of us will readily agree that America has improved considering America's past. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of what really changed from the past? Even though we have improved from the past we still manage to struggle with Americans being bias at schools, jobs, or even public places. Some schools are separated by just boys and girls. While some are convinced that America cherishes their diversity, others believe that America doesn’t cherish their diversity. For example others think this because society has made it seem that men should always represent higher power and says women aren’t…show more content…
The first lady in fact had the ability to do great things to make America a healthy place simply because she was the president's wife. According to Jena McGregor " A 2013 study by the Los Angeles Times put membership of the 6,000 members of the Academy at 93 percent white and 76 percent male." In making this comment, Jena McGregor urges us to look and consider that we have accepted diversity but haven't quite understood on making it a greater change. Americans can do such thing by stop making society and media run their life. Also Americans can start to think better for the future or try and solve the problem. They can solve this problem maybe by evening the number of genders and races. Nevertheless, critics of Americans are cherishing their diversity will probably argue that America still has many racial conflicts and prejudice of genders. Proponents of Jena McGregor are right to argue that America has made a great impact on diversity when segregation stopped, but they are exaggerating when they claim that there isn't anymore racial conflicts. Racism might of

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