Personal Narrative: My Stereotypes

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Everyone has a stereotype and mine is "Latina." As a Latina female, I should have gotten pregnant by the age of 16, cook and clean constantly, make low grades, and interact with illegal activities. As Luana Hunnicutt Santos, a 17-year-old Latina female, I do not plan on being a mother, I hate cleaning, I am a terrible cook, I have a GPA of a 3.68, with AP and accelerated classes, and I am terrified of breaking the law. A peer of mine once asked me my GPA, and he replied "Wow! You have a high GPA for a Latina!" At school or in social situations, when I ask what a word means or if I mispronounce a word, I get laughed at and considered uneducated. Over time, I realized how much I am judged based on my heritage. Speaking two languages is both a

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