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1. What are comets made of? Comets are mainly composed of rock, dust, water in the form of ice (known as water ice), and a variety of frozen gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, ammonia, methane, as well as other hydrocarbons and complex organic molecules. 2. Why is it important to study them? It is important to study comets because they are some of the oldest and primordial celestial objects in our solar system. In fact, they are the oldest building blocks of our Solar System. Studying their composition can tell us a lot about the beginning of our solar system as well as give us insights to the origin of organic molecules that are found here on Earth and their properties in space. Also, because comets contain water, there is a chance at finding life that may be living or preserved on the comets which ties into the theory that the first lifeforms may have come from a comet that impacted Earth early on in its development. This will also be the first time a probe has been launched to intercept a comet and land on it which is a great feat for space landings in and of itself. 3.…show more content…
For the Rosetta mission, why was the comet 67P specifically chosen instead of all the other comets out there? Because most comets (as abundant as they are) reside in the Oort Cloud surrounding our solar system, it is very rare to see one orbiting the sun so close in the inner part of the solar system let alone one that would be close to Earth. Thus, comet 67P just so happened to in the right place at the right time for the Rosetta mission. It should be noted that comet 67P is a comet whose orbit travels from Jupiter to the sun every 6.5 years and is thought to have originated from the Kuiper Belt. 4. Why not send a probe out to an asteroid instead of a

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