Personal Narrative: Riding BMX

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Riding BMX has always been an outlet for everything to me. The sheer speed and control that I have over everything while I am on my bike is exhilarating. It is difficult for me to stop riding, regardless of how exhausted I am. I remember the first race I ever participated in. I woke up that morning filled with excitement and anxiety. I got dressed, and grabbed my gloves and full face helmet. Then I ate some food before heading over to the track with my dad. We arrived and I signed in before sitting to watch the younger children’s divisions go first. After a few minutes it was finally my turn to race. I put on my helmet and gloves, then I walked up to the gate with the two girls I would race against. We all set and waited, then the gate dropped and we were off. The race began, and I was right behind the other two girls. I remember pushing with everything I had to go faster while not hitting the other girls. Passing them seemed impossible so instead I rode their tails doing my best to not fall behind. As we rode through the rhythm section in the third line I began to gain speed, and I saw the final turn coming.…show more content…
I did not know that my wheel was off of the ground so I began to turn, but this is where things went wrong. I had begun my turn with my front wheel in the air. Because of this I landed awkwardly, which caused me to crash into the asphalt turn. The first thing to hit was my knee which took the full force of my momentum. The rest of my body followed, and I rolled to the ground on the track. I had fallen, but it was not my first time, and I put my arms over my head and laid there for a

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