Personal Narrative: My Personal Code Of Ethics

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My personal code of ethics was influenced first and foremost by my parents. Their daily instructions on my behaviors and their faith taught me the difference between right and wrong. Our family went to church every time there was a scheduled event for the church family. Our church and the pastors of our church believed in the Bible and believed the text or scriptures in the Bible are the inspired words of God our creator. Thus I believed them as well. While in college I took classes which taught the beliefs and backgrounds of other religions in the world. During the class I knew I had to decide for myself what beliefs I would choose to guide my life. I chose the Bible. When I was born, my parents owned a development company. My dad…show more content…
I use them to evaluate my actions and thought patterns as well as the actions of those around me. More times than not I am disappointed in my choices and the choices of others. I have to keep reminding myself the scriptures also states something about taking the blank out of your eye before trying to take the splinter out of my brother's eye. My expectations that other people think and believe as I do only makes me naive. While working at NCMI, Inc. I thought I was working with ethical, Christian men and most of the time believed all they said. I now know I should have gotten a few things in writing. Promises were made and then broken because of memory loss. During the twelve years at NCM, Inc. I was the assistant to four Chief Executive Officers (CEO). I witnessed the first two CEOs make ethical choices and the business thrived and I witnessed the latter two CEOs make unethical choices and the business declined. I was in a position to give advice on decisions and was often asked for my opinion. There were times I would throw out the "Red Flag". The red flag for me meant I was willing to speak up when I thought a situation could be ethically and/or morally

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