1984 Syme And Winston Comparison

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Winston and Syme are two very important characters in George Orwell’s, 1984. Winston and Syme may have some basic similarities, but I believe that they have very different thoughts about life. Winston is the main character in 1984 and is quite opposed to the Party’s beliefs. Syme however, is very pro party and supports everything that the party does and helps cause the population to not find out the truth. Overall, I believe that Winston is a very intelligent man and Syme is as well, but they are quite different because they have very different beliefs about the party, and finally they share common similarities in their image that they portray. First and foremost, Winston is the main character in 1984, and is quite opposed to the Party’s beliefs. Winston is described as being a thin, frail, and intellectual thirty nine year old male. He is one of two characters who is not one hundred percent committed to the party’s beliefs. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth, and destroys stories that are not right for the party. Winston is consistently using his creativity, and is always thinking outside of the box, which is not a good thing in Oceania. Winston drinks and smokes, and that may be one of the reasons…show more content…
Syme is smart, very smart, extremely smart, and maybe way to smart for the way of life that he lives. With all the intelligence that he has I am quite perplexed that he follows the way of the party, and has not outsmarted big brother. He works doing the complete opposite things that he has been created to do. He works at the Ministry of Truth, to dispose of words that may be, “harmful,” to the party except he is one of the most intelligent human beings in the party. That scenario caused me to think, does the Party know the strengths and weaknesses of the citizens of Oceania? I believe that as the story goes on Syme will change his identity, and not follow exactly how the Party

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