Personal Narrative: Moving Into A New Home

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Never would I have thought my life would completely change in a weeks time. My parents keep talking about moving , but I paid them no attention. After all, it was no big deal to move into a new home. Little did I know this move would happen the next day. This would be a long, strict and terrifying move for a boy just seven years old. My parents came extremely early to wake my siblings and I . They told us, "Get up and get ready to leave for vacation." Over joyed, we got up and got ready as fast as we could. We went down stairs to see all of our family waiting. I found this rather strange, but I was distracted by the sweet smell of fresh pancakes . We all sat down to eat like any other day not knowing today would be different. This would be the last meal shared together. We all finished eating, and started to say goodbye as my parents loaded our stuff into the taxi. Once everything was loaded, I felt a strange turning in my stomach; it was as if this were our final goodbye. I paid no attention to it and closed the taxi door, and we made our way to the city busses.…show more content…
As soon as we got there, my mom took my siblings and I inside to take our seats while my grandma and dad grabbed our stuff out the taxi. The bus was crowded and hot making it a little hard to breathe. Once everyone was on the bus I decided to ask my mom where we were going. She looked at me with a sad look and said, " We are not going on vacation, we are moving to the United States." As I heard those words those feelings in my stomach turn into anger and sadness. I wanted to scream and get off the bus, but it was too late. All I could do is cry silently. Still sobbing, I heard my mom break the news to my sister. She took the news a little harder than I. She was older, and would be leaving behind more memories than myself. My mother did not even bother to tell my baby brother, since he was only four years

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