Jonbenet Ramsey Accused: A Case Study

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December 26, 1996 what seemed like a normal day for most families is a horrific day for the Ramsey household. John and Patsy Ramsey had woken to find a ransom note left on the kitchen table. According to the note it stated their 6 year-old daughter Jonbenet Ramsey was kidnapped, and that a ransom of 118,000 would ensure her safety. Once Patsy and John realized their daughter was nowhere to be found they called the police to report her missing. Once police arrived to the scene a search was conducted of the property and 8 hours later her body was discovered. In between the eight hours fingers were being pointed at each other and evidence was being destroyed as well. This particular case still remains open due to the lack of police work by the…show more content…
The first responding officer is supposed to secure the crime scene so evidence will not be damaged and conduct on scene interviews from the witnesses. None of that happened and because so the case started off bad. On top of everything the detective had not arrived to the home until two hours later after the police call. George and Robinson states, “"The first people who generally go on a police call are the patrol officers and the officers make their own determination as to whether or not or when to call out a detective," Grant said.”(George and Robinson 2013). Knowing the fact that a ransom note was found automatically the detective should have been called to the scene. Another mistake was the property was never fully searched because if so the body would have been found in the morning time rather than early afternoon, and family was asked to search the home. John Ramsey went straight to the basement finding the body and brought his daughter upstairs. Two things odd about that is him finding his daughter right away and bringing her upstairs almost like he is tampering with evidence. The crime scene was so damaged it messed up the entire

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