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The Streets of Purple Cloth is a poem written by Karen Connelly, a Canadian author and poet. In this poem there are a few different things to take a look at, such as the different literary terms that the author uses, as well and looking at other poetic devices including rhythm and theme. Imagery is a critical aspect of the structure of this poem. She uses imagery to masterfully bring the setting of the poem to life, for example, “the street of purple cloth and copper skin.” This image creates a beautiful and royal picture of the city that the girl is lost in. The picture that she The city has another side as well; she says, “The hilltribe men laugh at her sharp nose” this shows that there is also a rough side to the city. The author continues to create a picture throughout the poem using imagery and personification. Examples of this occur when she writes, “The stone shoulders of giants curve” and “her chalk fingers.” The first quote is an example of personification and the second quote is another example of imagery. A question that came to me as I was reading…show more content…
It also does not have a structure that dictates the number of lines in a paragraph. Also, the poem does not have a strong, steady rhythm, unlike other types of poetry such as a limerick that has a set beat for the whole duration of the poem. This particular poem also doesn’t have a rhyming scheme like some other poems. The way this poem is organized is very “free” as the name implies it doesn't have many, if any, rules about how it is put together. This helps give the reader a sense of openness or freedom towards the subject of the poem. We do not feel like the girl in the poem has specific tasks or structures to worry about, but is free to explore. I personally enjoy writing these types of poems best, as I enjoy expressing my thoughts and ideas without the limitations of rhyme, rhythm or

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