Personal Narrative: Making A New Identity

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Imagine being someone you’re not for a whole day. Making a new identity is harder than it sounds.The world doesn’t always turn in your favor, you know. Well, this is my story. It all starts with a wish, and a star. So, it’s another day of school. I wake up, dress in my usual clothes, eat my cereal, put on my backpack, and get in the car.Doesn’t that sound exciting? My parents get the good stuff, like nice steaming coffee that slowly runs down your throat. After my mom showers, dresses, brushes her teeth, and eats her breakfast, she can grab her warm coffee and leave, with it making its way into her mouth. I eye my dad through the rear-view mirror in the car. He doesn’t look back, but starts the engine. Man, I wish I could drive. I could…show more content…
My mind still reflects the image of the star, glowing brightly in the morning sky. I jolt quickly to the present as I accidentally bump into one of the teachers in front of me. “Excuse me,” I say. I quickly walk away so I won’t get scolded. I find my table and sit beside one of my friends. We ran the mile in gym today, so i’m as worn out as ever. Closing my eyes, I think about how wonderful it would be to just take a nice, long nap. I look at the seat beside me and barely even notice that Rachel was about sit sit down before I drifted off to sleep. “Ugh!” I wake up with a loud yawn that roars in my ears. I wipe the crunchy stuff between my eyes away, and look ahead of me. I leap up with a start. “Where am I?” I yell. Slowly, I realize where I am. I quietly whisper, “This is my mom's office.” My eyes roll back in my head as my body goes limp, and I collapse to the…show more content…
After I start the engine, I pull the seatbelt over my body. Then I put the car in drive. Slowly, I press my foot to the gas pedal. I inch forward, centimeter by centimeter. Right now, I’m moving as slow as an obese turtle. I pull out onto the road and press harder on the gas. Laughing to myself, I twist and turn and press harder and harder on the brakes every inch I travel. Looking up a see the stop sign. Before I can think, I stomp on the brakes as I see the glowing, red circle telling me to stop. My body jolts forward, and I land hard on the seat as I come back. “That was a close one, “ I say, out of breath. I make my way up and down the streets toward the school. I still have to pick “the kids” up from school. My smile is as large as the Grand Canyon as I arrive at school. I made it through the day without wrecking. Laughing to myself, I realize how fun driving was. I can see Parker and my mom waiting outside. Impatience rests upon their faces. They quickly walk to the car and pile

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