Real Women Have Curves: Case Study

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Case Conceptualization After watching Real Women Have Curves and reading the scenario, I would conceptualize this family utilizing a Narrative Approach. The underlying premise of Narrative Therapy is that personal experience is fundamentally ambiguous (Nichols, 2013). As seen with Carmen and Ana who both have vastly different interpretations of individual and shared experiences. Carmen appears to be a middle-aged woman of Latina heritage. She is married to (Raul), and they have two children (Ana – 18, Estela estimated in her 20s. Carmen’s perception of Ana’s wanting to go to college is that she wants to leave her family. Based on this perception, she has come to the conclusion that Ana does not value how much she’s sacrificed for her…show more content…
I would ask Carmen to tell me her story and ask questions to further gain a greater understanding of her perceptions and interpretations. For instance, I would ask questions to further assist Carmen in identifying the specific problem that she’s been struggling with. Her thoughts, feelings, and assumptions about this problem are important in helping her develop her story. I’m asking questions to get to know Carmen and her family and better understand how they view their world. Next, I would map the influence the problem has had on Carmen’s family and then map the influence of the family on the problem (Nichols, 2013). I might ask this question to Carmen provided that this is identified as the problem, “How has loss gotten in the way of your interactions with your family?” “What does loss tell you about your relationship with Ana?” I might ask Ana, “What conclusions about yourself as a daughter have you reached in response to the hold that loss has on your mother?” “How has these conclusions affected how you interact in school, with your family, and in other areas of your life?” I might ask Carmen, “In what ways has this struggle with loss affected you physically...mentally?” I might ask Raul, “What conclusions have you arrived at about your relationship with Carmen, in response to the constant interference of

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