Creation And Order Short Story

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Long ago there lived four nations: the people of the water, the people of the earth, the people of the sky and the people of fire. These nations lived together peacefully for centuries. The people of the water lived by the shores of the sea. Every day they would come to the beaches to bathe and praise the water God, Mare. They would bring offerings of bull and the best greens they grew. The people of the earth lived in shallow dens dug into the ground. They would spend their days tilling the land and the best food the earth provided they offered to the earth God, Terra. The people of the sky spent much of their time high in the mountains meditating, they were very peaceful nomads who ate very little and spent all of their days learning of the dances…show more content…
One day Ignis grew angry with his people and he called upon his fellow Gods to meet with him. Mare, Terra and Caelum were really angry for the people of fire were corrupting their subjects. Ignis proposed a plan to take the most noble and kind individual from each nation and keep them safe, they could then wipe out the wicked and restart the human race. So they did just that, Ignis brought a young maiden called Flamma and brought her atop the highest peak of the world. Aqua came forth and brought another young maiden named Aqua, he laid her atop the tallest peak with Flamma. Terra came fourth and gave a young man named Petram and placed him among the maidens. Caelum came forth and gave another young man named Aeris and placed him among the other three. After the four were safe Ignis lit part of the world on fire and let the wicked burn, Mare brought up the sea and flooded part of the world and drowned the wicked, Terra opened up the earth and swallowed up the wicked, Caelum brought up wild winds and blew away the wicked. Once the world had been destroyed Flamma, Aqua, Petram and Aeris were let down from the highest peak in the

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