Personal Narrative: How Running Changed My Life

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My heart started to pound as I was approaching the starting line. I felt sick to my stomach, like I was about to throw up. Thoughts were zooming through my mind. I assumed I was going to lose. I thought I didn’t belong in this heat; I lost all confidence in myself. I walked up to the starting line and my mind went blank. All my troubles and problems in my life left me for that moment and all that mattered was the race. The simplicity of running helps me cope with reality. Running is like a dream, my brain goes on a journey to a place of serenity. I heard teammates screaming my name and parents cheering on their children; the vibrations of the crowd calmed my nerves. I closed my eyes and said a short prayer: “God help me gain the courage to finish this race”. I got on the line, I turned to the official, he raised his hand, and shouted: “Runners on your mark!” I got in my blocks. “Get set” I took a deep breath. “GO!” I exhaled and pushed off. As I ran the first curve, I tried to get out quickly. The energy of the crowd fueled me to sprint harder. I started to ease into third and suddenly I could hear faint footsteps coming from…show more content…
The straight away was coming up, time to make a move. My legs started to become tight and heavy like bricks. I had to suck up the pain, it was too late to quit now. Knowing that my teammates were there to support me encouraged me sprint harder. Using every last bit of energy I had left I sprinted into second and barely made it across the finish line with the win. I felt triumphal after finishing the race, but in desperate need of the trainer. I fell to the ground, my legs felt numb, I could barely breath or move. I even threw up on the side of the track. However, I did not care about the pain I was feeling; I won and it felt amazing, the pain was irrelevant. I have never experienced this feeling before, this was the moment I fell in love with

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