Personal Beliefs: The Salvation Army Church

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Get Involved Personal beliefs are rooted in the confidence or trust that a person has in someone, something or a concept. In fact, many personal beliefs are established throughout a lifetime and can often be shaped by personal events or experiences. One of my own personal beliefs has always been that giving your time, effort and voice to others, being an active member of the community is important to the community and its evolution. At its core, a community is centered around families: my community, Royal Oak, is no different. One of the places families gather often in my community is the Salvation Army Church. The Salvation Army Church is home to a food pantry, and to a crisis center that helps people who are experiencing financial difficulty, and multiple children’s programs. While the church has several paid employees…show more content…
At my brick and mortar school, we were an IB school; we started foreign language in 6th grade! So, on top of starting at a large, loud middle school you also had the additional task of learning a new language. This task was a struggle for me, and in talking to many of my friends I learned quickly that many of us were not doing well and in fact we disliked it very much. At my parent’s encouragement, I made an appointment with our principal Mrs. Marcus. I took my concerns to her, the class was moving too fast, we were dreading it and not very many students understood what was even going on in the class. Mrs. Marcus, in her always cheerful manner, listened to me, took notes and told me she would follow up with me soon. True to her word Mrs. Marcus met with the teachers and they made some changes for the students. They slowed down the class; they started to teach us more about the culture and geography and offered more opportunities for extra help if we needed. I was able to use my voice to help benefit our foreign language

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