Your Mouth Is Lovely Nancy Richler Analysis

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Sihak Sin ENG 4UI Ms.Duglokecki October/02/2015 Your mouth is Lovely Our major change in the society is an increased parenting problem. Child is usually the one that affect the most and cause them to have many problem after trauma. They are usually lost their confident whether who to trust in their life. In this story, Your mouth is lovely, Nancy Richler use the image of an evil step mother to describe the character that the narrator suppose to hate and the rise of them building trust. This is clearly show the archetype of feminist. In the mouth of lovely, the action of the female makes it seem as a human nature where people usually judge people based on their appearance but in fact, we are usually misjudge people since it has to do…show more content…
On the other hands, men are the one that make decision and power to the family but it is not the same in the story. In the role of woman, Nancy Richler has challenged the traditional belief of woman of what they should be as a spouse. Tsila is the strong Jewish Belarus female character that show non-female characteristics as the ascent of her beloved husband which slowly become weaken day by day. “Father” and “Recite”, “Blessing” and “Fruit”, “He thanked” and “Tsila”, “Before God” (250). Even though, she seem as an evil step mother but it is not easy to find a step mother who take care of a step-daughter. First and far most, She is not even her daughter. Second of all she is probably on the mission from God to take of the child since she has a marked on her face. Lastly, she might have an uneasy feeling from the child since she doesn’t say a word to her. Therefore, it is hardly to know that if she is right of doing something. “I’m going to tell you many truths. And what I’m going to give you will be faithful. Far more faithful than your mother could be” (263). It is clearly show that Tsila is a good step-mother in her heart but may not on her appearance to take care of a lose soul child. “The wind”

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